a place to organize my thoughts and inspiring images.

a place to organize my thoughts and inspiring images.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detach yourself from the heartbreak, the drama, the backstabbing, the latest news and just think. detach yourself from the present. you are here. where exactly is here? a place we call earth. a place we go on living, conquering, loving, killing, overtaking. We all think we know so much, but what about going back to the basics? Who are we. Past the makeup, the latest trend...who are we really? and how did we get here? How did it all happen? and who else is out there? We are part of this microcosm we create for ourselves, getting wrapped up in the little things in life. However when you detach yourself from the moment none of it truly matters. no matter how low things may get, always know that you are part of something greater and larger. you were created and you are here on earth to live out your own span of life. its your life to create and choose and mold. to create and love and make as much as an impact here on this tiny dust speck we call home, among the vast unknown.

listen and think

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