a place to organize my thoughts and inspiring images.

a place to organize my thoughts and inspiring images.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The way i see it is we are all human beings. the same blood flows through us all. we are the same creatures , all somehow connected this big tangled web. yet even though we are one, we divide ourselves. we break down into color into race nationality religion style status, trying to find our own status and individuality in this world, as we break away from each other we break away the ties we have. and this is what causes all the problems. we are all scared and we don’t understand what will happen after we die. so we create this god. someone to look up to and to pray to looking for answers - answers that we will never really receive. and then we fight. and we kill each other. innocent children and people. people that have to go to bed in fear every night. we all have the same emotions , even though we view ourselves as so differently in essences we are the same and we experience the same feeling. two people may be falling in love. but they have to worry the next morning if they will ever see each other again or not. they have to worry if their dad will be able to get home safety. if there sister can walk home from school as she tries to get an education, but also has to try to avoid being raped and tortured. and that is one of the many reasons why i am proud to be an america. proud for the safety, for the opportunities I have. proud for all the men and woman that put their lives on the line to protect each other. because in my eyes that is the first step to a community. and i wish that the world could connect and do the same, that we could all work together and look out for each other. i don’t think its necessary to fight and kill, but i'm damn proud of the people that do it for me.

by the way: i can talk to you all night.

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